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Mid-day meditation/nap. Especially if I’ve been going hard. I use a free iOS app named Oak and do a 15 minute meditation, that often turns into a nap, usually right after lunch.

And in the interest in trying to see other people. If I don’t have a client meeting scheduled, I’ll often try and meet someone in the industry for a coffee or lunch, assuming my schedule is manageable.

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I relly like this but I want to know what can we do if we never work remotely because I’m from Mexico and here it’s really hard to work or collaborate with others artist remotely, not a lot of people trust to freelance people to work remotely hope you can help me

Daniele July 2, 2018 at 10:42 am

Very nice guide! I’m working remotely about 10 years, and in this time I’ve changed my workflow that now I’m very much productive than at the start. Sure the tips you’re saying are very nice and helpful. I’ve added some tips to improve my productivity.

First one use define some kind of action are you doing during an ideal week. Then create in google calendar a new voice with its own color for that list you’ve just done. Fill on Sunday the next week with appoinments, work you have to do, etc or even more if you know that already. The best one is to start with your personal things to do like reading, sports, family, etc. Then fill the gaps with the work. Don’t fill every gap! Take some hour free because you really don’t know things are going like you think Then when you work you could use some nice tecniques to improve your work. If you are using only the PC, turn off all the notification from everything that would beep. Don’t use music if you are going to do something creative thinking, that’s better. Use mind maps to make clear and an understandable path you work through. Then use the pomodoro tecnique ( ) and do 1 thing at a time. If you are doing anything, choose one thing to do and make sure you’re doing only that one! This is important because everything that is distracting you to do your job, is making that job more long than the time you predicted when you was filling the week of work and appointments.

I also do some exercise with the body when I wake up and some meditation to increase concentration and awareness. That help you to stay more focused and to be more kind to yourself.

I could tell you more things, but doing these are a lot of habits to change and is not easy at first!

But I assure you, by doing this you are focused a lot more than before.

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June 29, 2018 by Bethany N. Carson

Multiple women have reported that officials inside the detention center say they will send all those separated from their children to a military base somewhere in Texas.

A total of 20letters were received by Grassroots Leadership organizers on Friday, illuminating the anguish of mothers who remain separated from the children they haven’t seen since asking for asylum at the southern border. Read more about Letters from inside: As officials threaten them with transfers, 16 women detained in Hutto speak out

June 29, 2018 by Cristina Parker

At Grassroots Leadership, we believe that no one should profit off of the incarceration of human beings. clearance best prices eastbay for sale Schutz strappy sandals footlocker finishline sale online for sale 2014 fJvBj

GEORGETOWN, TX —The Williamson County Commissioners Court today voted 4-1 to end the intergovernmental service agreement with the T. Don Hutto detention center in Taylor, Texas. The move follows months of public pressure from formerly detained women, advocates, members of the faith community and Williamson County residents in the Shut Down Hutto Coalition who have called for the closure of the for-profit prison. Read more about BREAKING: Williamson County votes to end contract with T. Don Hutto immigrant detention center

AUSTIN —A letter from inside the Hutto detention center received by advocates over the weekend details what it is like for a mother separated from her children and detained by ICE. Read more about Read this letter from a mother locked up at a Texas detention center who is separated from her children

WHAT: Testimony to County Commissioners and March WHO: Faith leaders, community members, and advocates WHEN: Tuesday, June 26 at 9:30 a.m. - 11 a.m. WHERE: Williamson County Commissioners Court, 710 S Main St, Georgetown, TX 78626 Read more about Faith leaders, community to hold “Jericho March” to call on Williamson County Commissioners to shut down T. Don Hutto

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Brooks said JEDI is infrastructure- and platform-as-a-service, but not software-as-a-service. Some vendors took that to mean DoD’s is limiting innovation right off the bat because it’s stipulating the field industry can play on. And to add to the confusion, the draft solicitation calls on vendors to provide SaaS offerings, including virtual machine apps, enterprise tools such as office productivity suites, enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management tools.

“The day started off unexpectedly refreshing with discussions about mission and values,” said one industry executive, who attended the briefing and asked for anonymity. “But as the different speakers went, it became clear this was more and more of an IT system. They are acquiring infrastructure. It has to be commercial cloud.”

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Another industry source added DoD is putting itself in a box by calling out only commercial cloud instead of asking for capabilities or outcomes and letting industry figure out how to deliver them.

“DoD didn’t talk about additional capabilities to advance data so is that not part of the evaluation?” the first source said. “The value of commercial providers is they understand the customer, they understand the technology and can tailor the capabilities to the customers’ needs.”

The source said DoD could buy IaaS or PaaS from the General Services Administration’s schedules program or any number of existing multiple award contracts so JEDI should be about getting innovation to the warfighter.

Probably the biggest unanswered question is what does DoD mean by a single award for the 10-year multi-billion dollar contract, and whether it wants a single cloud or not?

Some vendors said it sounds like DoD wants a cloud broker who can give them access to multiple cloud providers.

Others say DoD continues to follow the same path as the CIA with its classified cloud initiative where the spy agency hired Amazon to be its single provider.

“I think they know what they want and set the criteria that allows them to shrink the bids and get there,” said the first industry source. “That is why they want to limit to IaaS or PaaS.”

Sam Gordy, general manager of IBM Federal echoed similar concerns if DoD decides to go with a single cloud provider.

He said in an email statement, “The Pentagon would never limit the Air Force to flying only cargo planes for every mission. Locking the entire U.S. military into a single, restrictive cloud environment would be equally flawed.”

The real signal of where DoD wants to go is the draft request for proposals it released yesterday.

Brooks, the contracting officer, said while the Pentagon feels good about the draft, industry feedback will be essential to finalize the solicitation.

The data selection process is summarized in Loro Piana 70s Walk FullGrain Leather Sneakers discount prices WAxGlRol
. EMRs were first searched using the keywords “Lantus”, “Basalin” or “insulin glargine” to identify EMRs with recorded use of insulin glargine. EMRs were then subdivided based on the type of insulin glargine used; Lantus and Basalin (103), Basalin only (690), Lantus only (4311), or no information about which type of insulin glargine had been used (3). The EMRs with recorded use of both Lantus and Basalin were further sorted into two groups; switch from Basalin to Lantus (82) and switch from Lantus to Basalin (21). Finally, the EMRs were evaluated by hand to exclude cases involving multiple switches between Basalin and Lantus, and identify multiple EMRs for the same patient on different hospitalizations (in such instances only the case from the most recent hospitalization was included in the analysis). Of the 21 EMRs including a switch from Lantus to Basalin, nine reported multiple switches of insulin, and therefore only 12 EMRs (each representing one patient) were eligible for inclusion, and these data were not included in the present analysis. Of the 82 cases including switching from Basalin to Lantus, six records included multiple switches of insulin, and one subject had been hospitalized four times, and therefore had four medical records; therefore, a total of 73 patients who switched from Basalin to Lantus were included.

Download as a PowerPoint slide Download as a PowerPoint slide

The key objective of the present analysis was to evaluate the change in FBG for patients with DM after switching from Basalin to Lantus. Secondary aims of the analysis included evaluation of changes in seven-point blood glucose, basal and prandial insulin dose, and hypoglycemia after switching from Basalin to Lantus. Four study time points were defined as hospital admission, Basalin initiation, insulin switching (the date of the final dose of Basalin), and hospital discharge ( A2 by Aerosoles Yet Around Womens Wedge Sandals cheap find great buy cheap genuine discount Manchester with paypal cheap online cheap store afmytw
). For each study subject, values of blood glucose at hospital admission and hospital discharge were imputed as the measurements recorded closest to the date of hospital admission and discharge, and values at Basalin initiation and insulin switch were defined as the measurements recorded closest to the date of the first and last doses of Basalin, respectively. The duration of insulin glargine treatment was calculated as the end date of the final dose minus the start date of the initial dose +1 day. If the date of the final dose of Lantus was not recorded then the final dose date was taken as the date of hospital discharge.

Download as a PowerPoint slide Download as a PowerPoint slide

The study protocol was approved by the Ethical Review Board of Qingdao Endocrine and Diabetes Hospital in a regular meeting during October 2016 (Document No 2016-10-1). All procedures followed were in accordance with the ethical standards of the responsible committee on human experimentation (institutional and national) and with the Helsinki Declaration of 1964, as revised in 2013. As this was a retrospective observational study based on electronic medical records it was not possible to contact each patient for individual consent, however the researchers received anonymized data from the hospital's IT department with permission from both the Ethical Review Board and the Principal of the Hospital.


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